Share your world – write with personality

share your world - write with personality

One of the things I love about copywriting is that I regularly get the chance to uncover and develop a personality for a business or offering. And I wish more people did it.


I’m tired of ‘punchy’ marketing copy that sells a product but fails to build trust in the people behind the business.


Why can’t people write with more personality? With more energy? With more honesty?


Maybe it comes down to my background in public relations? I’ve spent hours, days, weeks positioning stories and companies with the media. Or maybe it goes back to my days in lobbying? Again, hours spent refining messages and carefully choosing the right language. Whatever my influences, I am not alone in my desire to do business with people I trust, and like.


But to build trust in your business, you have to let people into your world. You have to open up. You have to share. You have to use words. And I am not talking about clichés. Nor am I talking about ‘snappy’ one-liners all washed down with an over-use of exclamation marks.


I am talking about enough words to give people a feel for how you do business and just how important they would be to your company. Yes you write to sell. Yes you write about how your product will revolutionise their lives. But it isn’t just about the product. It is about the business too.


Every business is unique. Even those in the same sector and same town will be different. Why? Because every single person on this planet is unique. Take physiotherapists for example. I’m working with two at the moment. Despite offering exactly the same range of services to exactly the same demographics, one is all about nurturing and making life better. The other one is about fixing people and making the body move more easily. So the words I write for them are very different. Which is just as it should be.


Your marketing material has to be about how you do things, as well as what you do. You don’t have to only ever compete on price. Let’s compete more on personality. Let’s write to be different.


Write words. Build trust. Sell more.